Wednesday, January 27, 2010

honesty not sure if it's the best policy


Melanie - a member of the Dead Bunny Club wrote 10 honest things about herself and then listed me as one of the people to do the same.  It's kind of like a blog chain letter.  So here goes.

1. I am shy - really.  Very very shy.  So why do I write a blog?  Who knows.

2. I've always been tall.  When I was a girl scout there was not a uniform in all of Southern California that would fit me.  I had to make do with some green cords and a yellow blouse with green flowers I'd borrowed from my Mom.  I have to admit though -girl scout uniforms in the 70's were HOR-RI-BLE!  Pea soup polyester!  Yeesh I still shudder at the very thought of them

3. I hate being late so I usually arrive way too early and sit in my car reading a book on the Kindle app on my iPhone.  Even if I know how long it will take me I still leave so I have a 10 minute cushion

4. I've eaten Haggis

5. I use to not always cook.  I liked weird foods, but cooking didn't happen until my mid-30's

6.  I'm a sixth generation Texan but don't sound it.  Moving a lot tends to do that

7.  I love football

8. I use to love baseball back when I use to play softball.

9. I tend to like dogs better then people

10.  I don't have 7 people to send this out to.

Gah all done.  OY!


  1. Yeah, I had to use up all the poor Dead Bunny Club to get my seven people in. Mwaahaahaa. I can't believe you haven't cooked all your life. Wowzee.

    And now you must post this award in your sidebar. Copy it from mine, and thanks for being such a good sport!

  2. :) I would do it for you Sharon!

    I never knew you were shy! We had such fun at PSH back in the days! I still remember eating at Benihana's for your birthday - I bit into a tomato and it squished out all over you (?) is that correct? I was so embarrassed! We had fun :)
    I don't think I started really cooking till my 30's - always enjoyed eating... jand 20's were full of pizza and cereal! lol