Friday, January 15, 2010

Feeling the Nostrana love

If you have a chance check out mynorthwestexperience blog on Nostrana.  He's got pictures and everything!  I shall not have pictures, but  they are there in my head, but honestly you do not want to go crawling around in my head it's a very scary place in there.  Very scary.  But I digress - what else is new.

Nostrana.  We went for a team lunch today - it was January Birthday lunch day.  About 8 of us made our way in the rain and disgusting weather that seems to hit the greater Portland area around this time.  First off I have to say I was surprised to fine Nostrana in a strip mall.  A very nice strip mall with a good amount of parking.  Believe me in Portland that is a plus.

The place was pretty empty when we got there..ok very empty.  We were the only group there for a while. But as soon as you walk in the door you know you're in for a treat. First there's the soft scent of wood smoke, not over powering, just enough to let you know that there is a wood oven in the area.  You don't have to look too far to find it.  Mynorthwestexperience has a nice picture of it on his blog.  A beautiful fire was blazing away in the brick oven which helped to banish away the winter chill.  We looked at the menu  - since this was lunch it's main thrust was pizza, but there was a ravioli with cod, a pork burger (panini) and fettucini with gorgonzola sauce.  I'd been pondering what to get but I finally decided on the Fughi pizza which had  shitake mushrooms, bacon, fontina and parmigano.

But before that came out we had the bread and the olive oil.  Now I love good bread and olive oil although usually the olive oil is well -eh.  Not much flavor.  Lots of times places will give you some balsamic vinegar to spice up the oil.  This oil need no help it was beautiful and flavorful and the bread was so light it was perfect.  I probably ate more then I should have but I couldn't get enough.

Then I had my pizza.  OMG!  First it's not sliced, you do it yourself with scissors which I loved, actually, I could cut as large or small of a slice as I wanted.  And the flavors, strong mushroom but not over powering, it melded well the cubes of bacon and the cheeses. The crust was out of this world, thin, very thin and flavorful.  I have to say, I ate the entire pizza by myself.  I couldn't let it go.

Since I had had my pizza...all of it...dessert was out of the question, but coffee sounded good.  Once again Nostrana did not disappoint.  Others got dessert so I was able to see and it sounds like you don't have to worry about lack luster desserts there either.  Of course they have tiramasu, but this one is made with grappa and gelato which is homemade.

So bottom line?  GO!!!  The pizza's run around 12 dollars but two people can probably eat off of one especially with a side salad.  Their dinner menu is much more complete and I'll have to make a run there some time.  But it will NOT disappoint!

Oh yeah, I am felling the Nostrana love!


  1. Thanks for the love, and I can't wait to go back there too...I want to try everything. Twice. Three times. I might go back just to buy bread and olive oil to bring him.

  2. I agree! I went to dinner on Saturday and they brought bread and olive oil... I was SO disappointed! There was no flavor at all in the olive oil. Oh Nostrana you have spoiled me for good!