Monday, January 18, 2010

Breakfast...why always eggs?

Everyone knows I'm a tad odd, in more ways then one.  I'll eat chicken butts and like it, I go gaga over things that most people think of as garbage - chicken gizzards anyone?  And I don't like a typical breakfast.  I don't.  Honestly, I never have.  For example, my most favorite "breakfast" dish is a sausage and rice casserole that my Mom makes on my birthday.  It's based on a recipe in a cookbook my Great Aunt Tarncey's ladies auxillary put out.  The original recipe called for beef and chicken and stars soup and rice and I can't remember what all.  And I can't remember when Mom modified that recipe into the thing of beauty it is today.  But I know I always want it on my birthday.

Another one of my favorite breakfasts - a nice oozy brie cheese with crackers.  My favorite is a small brie from Willamette Valley creamery.  It's a nice size round bit of cheesy goodness, that by the time I commute and get going at the office is warm enough to ooze out when I cut into it.  Oh bliss.

Beans on Toast - OMG - need I say more.  Beans - Heinz beans (the UK version only - snob...maybe) and buttered toast.  Goodly goodness.

Bacon sandwich - ok ANYTHING with bacon is good but a bacon sandwich is fantastic.  Of course the bacon canNOT be crisp - chewy bacon a must.  Which, for me, is OK.  I've never been a lover of crisp bacon. I get this from my grandfather - a chewy fatty bacon lover from long back.

Cold pizza - many a college student's breakfast.  Mine still.

When I don't have anything then I will be somewhat traditional with a breakfast burrito - hey it's got eggs and bacon or sausage and hash browns.  Best one I EVER had was at the grill at Richland College in Dallas.

So yeah, I'm odd to some.  But hey, I'm still eating the most important meal of the day!  Just maybe a tad differently then most.


  1. Yum, I was wondering what else we could eat for breakfast that has protein in it... great ideas! Yeah, we eat a little weird around here too.

  2. I love breakfast - any time of the day! AND bacon.. love thick sliced pepper bacon.... mmm and your recipe sounds wonderful - would your mom consider sharing her highly valued recipe? I love casseroles!
    My occasional odd breakfast is left over kids chicken tenders on a piece of artisan bread folded over for a sandwich sometimes a big thick slice of cheddar cheese with it :) -

  3. Anything with bacon is the best. But I admit, I love eggs, too. And for a yankee, I actually like grits too. How odd is that? I want your mom's recipe, too.