Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Herring Herring we gots our Herring right here!

My twitter bud @jenuku70 and I were discussing...well..food.  We's Swedish and during a twitter-conversation we got onto the subject of herring.  I like herring, actually I don't think there's a food I've ever NOT liked which accounts for my somewhat zaftig build.  I also blame my German Haus Frau ancestors...I'm sure I had one!

But onto the herring.  In the US as most folks know herring is ...well...not really that well received.  I'm not sure why, ok maybe it's because they look like bait fish, maybe.


 But, as I've said, I've always liked herring.  I like it in cream sauce and wine sauce.  A friend of mine at work made picked herring and brought it into the office - I was over the moon!

So jenku and I were chatting and he tells me that in Sweden there are all sorts of flavors of herring, mustard, curry and one he called Archipelago.  Ok this sounds interesting...what is it exactly?

Herring in cream sauce with caviar!  Already my taste buds are doing the happy dance.  He checked with a friend in Portland there might be a deli that might carry it.  Sadly the Ikea only carries ligonberry tortes and swedish meatballs.

 Now I'm thinking I CAN try to mimic this easily by getting a jar of herring in cream sauce and adding some lumpfish caviar to it.  But Jenku was sweet enough to actual find a recipe on google and translate it to English.  He left the metric amounts, I can't blame him. His poor wife had a fit trying to figure out the amounts in the beet stew I had posted.

So - without further adieu - courtesy of Jenku70 on twitter ( I left his notes they're very funny!) -

Archipelago Herring à la Feldt
10-12 pc Feldt, salt herring fillets, Art No. 8111/8142

Sillage (that's not a word = pickelage...haha...)

2 dl vinegar
4 dl sugar
6 dl water
10 pieces crushed pimento grains
1-2 tsp yellow mustard seeds
1 Each of the red onion slices

Dilute herring with plenty of water for 12 hours.
Boil together spices, sugar and water.Allow to cool for a while and add vinegar.
Alternating herring and onions turn on the cold, the law (haha again, they want you to add the "pickelage" and put it in the fridge) and leave 2-3 days.

Make the sauce.Season with s & p.


1 dl lumpfish roe caviar, red alt Cavi-Art red, art No 8232/8260 (use whatever caviar you can find!!)
5 dl mayonnaise
5 dl creme fraiche
2 pcs red onion, finely chopped (about 250g)
1 dl chopped dill & 1 dl chives, cut.
S & P

Let herring run off (don't! just take it out of the "pickelage" and put in in the sauce!), cut it into pieces and mix it into the sauce.
Let ripen in fridge one day.  

I think I'm first going to try the quick and dirty way - cream sauce herring with a jar of caviar.  Then I'll hunt down a fishmonger that has some herring and will try it the Swedish way!

Stay tuned!


  1. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.
    No offense.

  2. Actually - I think herring is to Sweden what chitlins are to the South - but I don't eat chitlins either. eewww.....

  3. Okay, I admit I did not try Peggy's pickled herring. And, yes, it is because they look like bait. I mean, if I were on a ship, I'd throw them to the frigate birds.

    Now, if you want to talk about smoked salmon.

  4. well- I happen to like herring - contrary to the general population I like it in the cream sauce - not into caviar - tried and tried - cannot do it - but look forward to your 'review' AND pics of your experiment Sharon! :)

  5. I'm going to try with the jarred sauce and caviar first not sure where I can find herring around here. I will certainly post pictures. And Karen I'll warn you before so you don't throw up on your monitor.

    And Melanie - smoked salmon....oh my oh my oh my how I do love it!