Monday, October 12, 2009

What to write

When I went to the writer's mixer a couple weekends ago, the lady who was speaking talked about having a blog, website, newsletter, etc.  Ok so no website, no newsletter, but HEY I got a blog!  Now what do I write about, besides the dogs.  I mean come on they are cute but not something a would be writer can wax poetically on her blog about.  I mean, what if my book gets published and I'm on Oprah, and they mention my blog and everyone comes here to read jewels of literary wisdom only to find my blog after blog of the dogs.  Nope. I am going to limit my dog blogging, hard as it may be.  Since they are cute little critters and know it.

My biggest hurdle, fear, right now is my test run with a writer's group.  They were in the class before me, so I feel like the freshman trying to sit at the senior's table.  I go on Thursday to read 9 pages of my work and see how things go from there.  Oh yeah the stomach knots are already starting which is probably why I left my wallet at home.  Good thing I didn't need to buy lunch OR get pulled over by one of Portland or Vancouver's finest for speeding.

Ok, so here ends the first real blog blog, and I didn't even mention how cute Bear and Boo look curled up on the rug butt to butt.

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