Thursday, October 15, 2009

The audition is done

So, I had the writer's group audition tonight.  Was I nervous?  Is the Earth round?  Do salmon swim upstream to spawn?  Was Stanislovsky the father of method acting? Stomach churning, palm sweating, pacing nervous was I.    Now I don't want to say the people who make up this group were legends. instructor talked about them in semi hushed and reverent tones, AND one of their midst had come in second place at the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association Literary Contest!!  So, yeah I was a tad nervous.  I mean what if they didn't like me, what if they hated my work, what if...what if...

Finally the time came to go.  Now I'd done a dry run on Sunday.  Guess what sports fans, Sunday is NOT Thursday.  Yeah a TAD more traffic.  GREAT I'm going to be LATE because there was TRAFFIC and I missed a turn.  CRAP!  Park, grab satchel, rush to condo.  Heart PLEASE do not beat so fast you will cause me to keel over with an attack.

Meet and greet.  Listen to works.  Damn that's good...oh GAH I'm suppose to give was good!  The next....d'oh..I didn't write anything.  Now my turn...ok ok slow might have been Born in Texas but your reading is from NJ.

Great feed back...they caught stuff the class didn't and thought of stuff I hadn't thought of.  Damn they're good.  Finally....YES...I passed the audition!

I now have a writer's group!!!!  and here was much rejoicing..YEA!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats...very nice. :) So does a writer's group consist of writing and sharing once a week or something?

  2. Yup exactly that only in nice comfy chairs and such :) It's still nerve wracking and scary, but it's a great motivator and the feedback really helps. Based on what I heard last night I'm going to re-work a portion of my story because what they said made a lot of sense.

  3. Wow, sounds like a pretty picky group. I'll bet they'll want you to read about twelve minutes worth a week. A WEEK! Can you imagine? But, since you are writing a historical fiction, which means about 80,000 to 100,000 words, that means in less than a year you'll be done. Ready for edit. On the brink of submission. Woo hooo. You're on your way to Oprah.

  4. Yeah and I hear there's one in their midst who makes a rum cake so potent it registered .02 on the alcohol dohicky for 2 slices.