Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going to the dogs

OK - I've decided. Oprah likes dogs, people like dogs, if I ever get on Oprah and people come here to find pearls of literary wisdom then they can find it mixed with tales of the dogs I love.  So there.  HA!  Besides I find dogs are much better to be around then some people.  Ok small people...OK alright...KIDS!  Now don't get me wrong there are some kids I like.  But, take for today as an example.  I went with some co-workers to Chang's Mongolian grill.  It's something we do every month.  One person picks the place.  So this month the pick was Chang's.  OK, it's good food, lots of it and for $8.00 I'm not going to quibble.  Lunch is going good when two women are escorted to the booth behind our table.  With them are 3 kids .. all boys.  One a toddler and the other two look to be around 5ish.  I can tell right off this is going to be fun since the boys are racing in and bouncing around like someone gave them straight sugar water.

I hope for the best.  I get the worst.  After sitting the gaggle down, the two women leave the boys in the booth while they go off to get their lunch.  It's busy, they're gone for something like 20 minutes..ok it felt like 20 minutes.  It was probably 19:59.  Anyway while I'm trying to listen to the conversation at my table I can hear tiny voices behind me and the clinking of what sounds like cutlery.  Were we given knives?  I expect at any minute to hear a child yell "OW MY EYE" and find him running around with a fork sticking out of his face.

Mother's return, somewhat silence falls.  We finish. They finish.  We're talking when the boys bound out of the booth and begin to jump..literally jump around.  Was there MORE sugar in their meal?  One boy top bounces into me.  Do I hear an I'm sorry, or Junior tell the nice lady you're sorry?  No.  The kid glares at me as if I had moved my chair just at the right moment to get in the way of his jumping.

I hate to use the why in my day argument, but I'm going to.  IN MY DAY I would have quickly apologized to the nice lady before my mother told me too.  And she probably would have apologized as well.  But then come to think of it, I would not have been bouncing around  like a rubber ball either nor would my brother.

Which brings me back to the dog thought.  You can LEASH a dog.

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  1. I so agree...so, so, so agree... There's a reason I don't have kids and just have the three cats and a dog. Though, really, they can be a handful...