Thursday, October 29, 2009


When Amazon sent me an e-mail saying that the Civil War Coobook they SAID they had they actually did NOT have I decided to go local and got on Powell's websit.  BOOM there it was and for cheaper then what Amazon had had it.  So yeah got that...then I did something I don't normally do... I looked at the rare cookbooks.  OH MY there's one from 1860!  1860!!!  It's from London but still...1860!!!!  It's name...

Modern Cookery, For Private Families, Reduced to a System of Easy Practice, in a series of Carefully Tested Receipts, in which the principles of Baron Liebig and Other Eminent Writers Have Been... (the ... were from the title heading.  That is the full name of it!  So my Civil war cookbook and my cookbook from the Civil War era (ok a year before) are COMING!!!! 

I LOVE POWELLS!  And a plug for Cover to Cover books in Vancouver.  My Portland friends need to cross the river and check it out.  It is a TRUE BOOKSTORE...remember those?  Not Barnes and Noble, not Borders but a real honest to goodness independant bookstore with a bookstore cat and a fully equiped espresso bar.  Believe me you'll be there a while roaming the endless shelves of literary goodness.

 And while you're there pick up "THE GIFT OF MURDER"  It's an anthology of murder mystery stories and the Pacific Northwest's Very own Carolyn Rose has a short story.  In fact she is the ONLY Pac NW author chosen for the anthology.  All proceeds go to Toys for Tots so tis a good cause as well.    OK so that's two plugs one for Cover to Cover and one for "THE GIFT OF MURDER". You won't be sorry with either!


  1. OK - add to that a 1943 edition of the JOY of COOKING and I'm in foodie heaven!

  2. I'm so enthralled by the title alone. It must be a big book to hold that much title.

    Love Cover to Cover Books.

    Love Carolyn Rose and I'll pick up a copy of her book at the Vancouver Writer's Mixer next Saturday at Cover to Cover. Hopefully she'll be there to sign it.

  3. I know I love the old way books were entitled. They wanted you to know exactly what you were geting! I'll try to bring it to the critique group when I get it. Come on Powell's ship it already!

  4. They have a real bookstore cat? I might go for that alone. Yesterday we were off NE Alberta and walked by a store with a cat in the window. We thought he was part of the window display until he moved. Gorgeous gray kitty with yellow-green eyes. For an interesting story about library cats, check out the story of Dewey.