Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fear and loathing in Vancouver

My parents have been married 53 years.  That's a milestone by any means.  Since I live with them I've done a jokeish kind of thing where an gifts come from the dogs (Bear and Boo).  Usually the excuse is that they have stolen my wallet, copped a credit card and figured out how to use a mouse, keyboard, and the internet all at the same time.  They're Lhasa Apsos so ..hey it could happen.  This year the boys found a plant...a Kangaroo paw plant to be exact. It look pretty in the FTD pic on their website.  The caption said how it came in a copper metal pot and was a fallish plant.  Yeah.  Well..said plant came in a puke green pot from the nursery, the plant really doesn't thrive beyond umm...OCTOBER.  So...yeah anniversary plant..sucked.  Nasty e-mail to FTD..done.

On to the fear.  Tomorrow tomorow and tomorrow does NOT creep at a petty pace from day to day.  It's here..which means the writers group...which means audition of my "novel"...which eating from hence forth.

I can get some satisfaction thinking of the boyz nipping at the ankles of the president of FTD while he holds a Kangaroo paw plant.  Ahh its the little things.  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

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