Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Paranoia sets in...maybe..kinda...are they watching me type this?

Not to say I'm a paranoied person.  That black van WAS really following me!  But you know I get 33 followers on Twitter and suddenly Twitter itself is acting funky.  Fail Whale off the port bow!  Was it me?  Did my getting 33 followers cause Shamoo to be lofted high into the sky by twitter birds every few minutes?  Is some nefarious government agency behind this?  Did some underling at the HQ under Mount Tabor rush up to his blad, scar faced beloved leader salute and say "SIR!  Sharon Axline has achieved 33 followers!"  Where upon the dastardly leader petted his cat and said  "Excellent Smithers, excellent.  We've reached the threshold.  Activate the Twitter Death Diregable!"
Maybe it's nothing.  Maybe their servers are slow or some mouse nibbled through a wire, or someone it Latvia is trying to break into the power grid by hammering away at Twitter.  Whew I hope it's that... I'd hate to think my 33 followers caused this.
And yeah that Van WAS following me!

1 comment:

  1. Sharon, step away from the van. Step away from the van and no one will get hurt.

    Signed: The Secret Twitter Service