Monday, March 8, 2010

What dreams may come

It all began on Friday morning.  My usual schlep into the office takes place in the dark most people are not awake and are driving on autopilot. Which is why I should have been expecting the near accident I witnessed.  I was in the left lane, the red mustang was a good car and a half length ahead of me, which is how I like it.  The van came on and proceeded to glide from the right lane to the middle lane, and my shock and horror...from the middle lane to the left.  All would have been well except the red mustang happened to be in the left lane!  The mustang's driver now had to move onto the shoulder. Now mind this is all happening at about 60+ mph!  The van NOW realizes what it has done and tries to move back to the middle, can't.. another car is now there!  So it stays in the left lane, the mustang guns it and rides the shoulder until he can get back in in front of the van, and my heart is pounding a latin beat.

No doubt this incident triggered the dream I had that night.  Accidents, near accidents, all in that twisted odd world that is our dreams.  Saturday morning I woke thinking how our daily life affects our dreams.  I told my dream to Mom who agreed that Friday's incident had impacted my dreams.

Then we went shopping.  I'd gotten my hair cut, finally, and I had yet to go to the store to get something for dinner.  We got into her car and headed off.  We saw our first near accident not long after.  As we were coming to a red light someone pulled out ....slowly..from a parking lot right in front of the car in front of us.  He threw on his breaks, we did the same.  And we muttered about idgit people.  Then we shopped and left the grocery store.  As we were heading out of the parking lot a car filled with - what looked like teenagers or twenty somethings, flies around the corner and turns into the parking lot.  They cut it short...very short...very very short.  Mom throws on the breaks, we pitch forward and we hear the groceries in the back end go flying.  The car with the kids misses the front end by inches.  If Mom had not thrown on the breaks they'd have clipped us. OY.  I'm starting to think maybe my dream wasn't such a dream after all.

Back on the freeway we go and another near incident do we see.  There is a part of the freeway that goes from 3 lanes to 2 lanes, now for some reason the people that built the freeway decided the LEFT lane should go and not the right.  So usually you have a lot of people in the left lane TRYING to fly past everyone else and switch back in before their lane runs out.  Not a bother...yeah...but not a problem.  Unless you happen to have an insanely huge RV that decides to go from the right lane into the middle lane RIGHT at the spot where the left lane merges in.  We start slowing ready to witness the mangling of metal.  Luckily the RV realizes his mistake and swings back into his original lane.  Whew.

Off the freeway - YES.  But are we free?  NO.  There are two lanes that exit and can turn left.  We're in the inner lane. A car from Alaska is in the outter lane, I suppose he realized he wanted to go back on the freeway, which means he had to cross into the outter lane. Which he did... Directly in front of us!  Again the hard break, the pitch forward, and yet more groceries sound like they're scattered across teh entire back end.  The Alaksa driver is totally oblivious in his quest to get back on the freeway.

By now I'm exhausted.  We've had to pair drive!  Mom steering and me being on the look out for any and all drivers!  We're on the home stretch...not far to the house.  But oh no we're not done yet.   We come up to a's a green light...the person at the green light is not moving the cars in front of us...yup you guessed it...break light city..including ours.

Finally FINALLY we got home and crawled out of the car to kiss the concrete of the garage floor. The dogs raced out to greet us as soon as Dad opened the garage door.  I petted them and thought how lucky I was to be able to do it.  I went in, curled into a little ball and whimpered softly.  No No NO NO going out!  Not at least until the morning.

This will teach me to not heed my dreams!


  1. Yikes. What a day. Was that all the dream or did that really happen? Sounds like a day to stay under the covers and read with a flashlight.

  2. It happened, and I curl up under the covers, whimper and miss the mixer. I did NOT want to get out on the road again!