Friday, March 19, 2010

My meeting with Five Guys

When I saw the coming soon sign my heart with a twitter.  Friends in Texas had spoken of this place in hushed and reverent tones.  I doubted it would ever get to my neck of the woods, but there it was in all its red and white checkered glory.  Five Guys Burgers and Fries!  And like their name suggests that's what they do - burgers, fries, hot dogs and grilled cheese but that's it. Nothing else.

I had been planning to pay it a visit but first I wanted to let the lines die down.  In the early days I passed the place at 2 o'clock in the afternoon (well after lunch time) and it was packed with a line snaking towards the door.  Finally I noticed the lines were dying down at the 2 o'clock hour.  And so yesterday I decided to try it.

I walked in and suddenly I hear someone yelling "ONE IN THE DOOR!"  Followed by some mumbled replies and what sounded like "I'm ON it!"  Anyway I made my way over to the counter and was greeted very cheerfully by the man behind the counter.  Upon learning this was my first time at Five Guys he explained the menu.  Two kinds of burgers regular and little - regular are 2 1/4 pound patties, little is one 1/4 pound pattie.  All orders are made to order and all toppings are free.  Fries come two ways cajun and regular. 

Ok - so I ordered two regulars cheese burgers (one for me and Dad) with mayo relish tomato lettuce grilled onions and grilled mushrooms and two regular fries.  The man tells me that a large will easily feed two people.  So I make it one large fry.  I get my number and wait.

Now remember it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon - not usually the time people grab dinner or lunch.  It's that in between zone.  But this place had people in it - not packed, but there are probably 4 - 5 tables filled with people.  And while I was waiting another couple came in "TWO IN THE DOOR!". 

The kitchen was open (when have you ever seen THAT in a fast food restaurant!) and immaculate.  I watched them grill the burgers on a flat top and then build them OMG!  Finally my order is called and I rush over.  The same man that waited on me hands me my bag - all their burgers are packaged to go.  He tells me NOT to roll the bag top down - that will make the fries soggy.  Nice touch I thought.

I head home and unwrap my burger - wow, big the patties are thick and I can see the lettuce and tomato and I can smell the mushrooms and onions.  I take a bite, juice runs down my chin and down my shirt leaving bits of grilled onion and mushrooms in its wake.  Oh well it was worth it!  The burger is GOOD.  Have I had better?  Yes - Lappelah's burger is fantastic but it's also $10 bucks - my 5 guys burger was half that price.  I try the fries - they're fired in peanut oil and boy do they impart a great flavor!  They were just right for me, but I'm not a crispy fry person.  I like mine a little limp but with a bit of snap - these did not disappoint.  But I will state that if you like crispy fries you might not be too keen on these.  It could also have been the batch I had - and yes I DID keep the bag open.

So bottom line:  Very very good burgers best fast food ones I've had bar none.  I love the fact you can get custom toppings like mushrooms and grilled onions and its all free.  The fries had a great taste - not too salty not too blah.  I would recommend five guys to anyone in need of a good burger fast!


  1. Well, geeeez, thanks for inviting me along.
    Hope your internet is up and working again.

  2. It seems to be. So I can now work from home! WOOT! Next time I go I'll give you a yell. I'd suggest a DBC meeting there but I dont think they have wifi