Saturday, February 20, 2010

The better butter battle

Apologies to Dr. Seuss for the title.  But I MADE BUTTER!!!  I MADE BUTTER!!! Did I mention I made butter?  It is SO EASY!

And no you don't need one of those.

All you need is

You need heavy cream

And a food processor 

Then you turn it on and wait....

and wait...

and wait....

And then when you're JUST about to throw in the towel....

Yes that is freshly "churned" butter.  The taste...oh my gosh so good.  Now I must bake some bread to go with it!  I will add home made butter is less calories and fat then the stuff I bought at the store.


  1. Somehow, I think this is cheating. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think in 1860, they wouldn't have had a carton of heavy cream. Maybe I'm wrong. Did they have really long extension cords so they could operate the food processor around the campfire? Hee hee hee.

  2. Yes I know. But Bessie the cow wasn't producing and the churn's dasher was broken so I had to improvise and teleport myself into the 21st century :D

  3. Hi Sharon!

    ...hmmmmm...fewer calories, eh?

  4. Hi Jewell! Great to see you again! Well I'm THINKING it's lower calorie by doing a compare of the butter I bought and the heavy cream. I did a one for one comparison - 1 tablespoon heavy cream to 1 tablespoon butter. :) And wow you beat me on the butter scale! But I'm with you I always think of my butter when I buy some at the store