Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a year!

What a YEAR 2009 was!  I'm not talking about politics or economics, this is my blog so I'm going to be a little more self-centered because, well, I can. 

In 2009 I learned the ways of facebook and have now joined mafia's while weeding gardens and fighting dragons.  I've learned to tweet, re-tweet, hash-tag, follow and unfollow

I've learned to let my friends know where I'm at by either gowallaing or being all squared with four-square

I've waved, been waved and still have no clue what I'm actually to do with wave

I'm still trying to get the GIST of gist

I decided to take a digital photography class at Clark College and wound up enlisting in Novel Writing Boot Camp that rekindled my love of writing and meeting some pretty damn fine people in the process namely the best teacher in the world Carolyn J Rose who helped me find the best critique group in the world!

Yes I'm talking about YOU Melanie - makes me laugh out loud with every blog entry and has a great story to tell the world, and YOU Carol - the first the only classic one who has helped me get in touch with techie things I never would have and has let me glimpse into the life of Carrie-Ann and Lee, And YOU Pam - who is so kind to let us crash at your place every Thursday and gives such great feedback  YOU Peggy - the fencer with a Y/A story that is out of this world.  And Lisa and Ginger, I met you two only once at the Christmas Dinner but it felt like I'd known you guys for years.

Through these wonderful ladies I've enriched my world with friends of the cyber-kind.  Karen and Harley your adventures always make me laugh, Jenku the twitter conversations and the wave waves have been very enjoyable, Appleberrymount - the nicest lady I've never met!  @BCMystery - it's no mystery that you're a fun guy to chat with sitting on top of a wave or twittering.

And of course MyNorthwestExperience - a co-worker you might be but a comrade in the gullet who opened my eyes to the cart scene in Portland and who's blog I love to read and wait with baited breath for a new installment.

To all my friends be you new, old, or cyber.  Have a great and safe New Year and see you all in 2010!!!

Sharon (and Bear and Boo - I couldn't leave them out!)


  1. Well, wow, I'm honored to be on your list. :) Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. Whoa, I'm excited to be in your blog! But, I have to tell you I'm the one who feels lucky that you have joined "The Dead Bunny Club". You are the perfect addition, both with your writing and your personality. It as if you have been with us from the beginning. :)

  3. Harley and I are deeply honored to be included in your list. Thank you so much. Harley is busy licking something but he sends his regards, too, kind of.
    I'm still looking for a writing group/critique group and envy you for the feedback and friendship.
    Happy New Year to one & all!

  4. Hi Sharon! Thanks for including me in your blog--and in a NICE way! I hope this year is a flowing river of creative satisfaction for you. Happiest of New Years to you. --Jewell (@appleberrymount)

  5. NW Foodie -
    I'd be happy to walk through Gist with you at a time of your choice.

    In the meanwhile, it might be easier to get the Gist of Gist if you start here: or, if you like videos:


    Greg Meyer
    Customer Experience Manager, Gist

  6. Sharon - the more I read and listen to your writing the more I enjoy your voice. I'm looking forward to sharing Thursday night critique group with you. CHEERS, The First and The Classic Carol :-)