Friday, December 4, 2009


In the cube rat hierarchy window seats (if you’re in a building that has windows) is a status symbol. It shows you’ve been with said company long enough to have enough seniority that you are deemed worthy enough to be given a desk by the window. In my case, after 15 years, I have a window seat on the 4th floor of our building that has a fantastic view of the Willamette River and, on good days, a view of Mount Hood.

As I’m an early bird (in usually by 5:30 AM) I also get the added pleasure of seeing the sunrise. And since I’m an early bird I hardly EVER see the sunset. Yes I go to bed earlier then a 4 year old.

But there are some drawbacks with a window seat that I didn’t think of. One, temperature. I’m near a window. The window faces East. It is winter, winter is cold. Winter Cold + East Facing window = cold cube. Very cold cube. So cold I’m currently typing with Bob Crachet gloves (fingerless). My toes feel like I’ve been walking up hill both ways in a driving snow storm – barefoot. Now normally I’m a polar bear. I sleep with the AC on in the winter! While people scurry about me bundled up like mini Michelin men I’m walking around in a sweater vest and shirt sleeves. But for some reason, here at my desk with a view I’ve turned into a shivering whimpering cold ninny! What’s up with that!

I refuse to give up my view and my hard earned desk. Maybe I can fine a lump of coal and put it in my heater to warm my hands over. Or maybe I’ll break down and bring in a blanket…hmm I wonder how wearing a snuggie would work. 


  1. Congrats on your window! As former rat I totally get that. And a view - it's gorgeous! My last view was ground floor - grass & woods. Not to complain. Could have been parking lot. Or no window. I suppose they frown on space heaters. What about heated socks - the ones hunters wear? I find my feet are my body's thermostat - hot feet, hot body - cold feet, cold body. Love your posts. Stay warm and never give up the window!

  2. I LOVE the visual of you wearing a snuggie in your cube, along with the Bob Crachet gloves. A stocking cap with a pompom on the end would add that certain appeal to complete the outfit.

    And just so you know, I work in a closet and it is freezing in there. No windows. I'm not complaining, mind you. There are lovely file cabinets, a junior sized desk, a printer and a red fire extinguisher which always cheers me up. Keep the window.

  3. If you wore a snuggie to work we'd definitely need pictures. :)