Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Creature of habit...

I have learned I am a creature of habit.  My alarm goes off at the same time every morning, I hit the snooze every morning and curse that I'm getting up so early...every morning.  I take the same route into work every day and take the same route home.  I even park in the same spot and get darned upset when someone has swiped my spot!  I even have the same routine when I get to work, drop the lunch sack, login, check out the comics, then get to work.

But this week my daily routine got spun up and for a while I was not sure how to deal with it.  The ladies' bathroom is being renovated at work.  It will be closed for a month!  Now I have to change my routine!  I have to go down to the third floor!  I know I KNOW it's daring!  I mean what's to stop me from the third!  Maybe I'll go down and sneak into the OHSU bathroom (Oregon Health Sciences University for you non-Portlanders) - they have some of their business offices in our building.  I mean - this sudden break of routine is heady stuff!  I mean it's not like I'll suddenly go into the Men's bathroom or anything like that.

And today -driving home - I went a different way!  Yes yes I did!  I DID!  I was giddy with routine breaking!  It's actually kind of like my current WIP - ooo see I'm breaking my blog routine of NOT blogging about writing!  For over a year I'd been working on a historical novel...I was in the routine of research and write, research and write.  My critique group ( The  Always awesome Dead Bunny Club) were supportive, but I felt like I was stuck in the literary rut.

An idea had been festering in my mind for a while and so I decided to ... wait for it... break out of the routine... did you say it with me?  I shelved the historical fiction - no doubt my Main Character is spitting nails because of this.  I started brand new with the idea that had been festering and it's worked out great so far!  Where I felt like I was prying words and pages like a 19th century dentist pulling out teeth, I now feel like they're flowing from me like a quicksilver river!

So moral of the story - it's good to sometimes shake things up and not be such a creature of habit in life and in writing!


  1. LOL! I SO relate to this. I too am a creature of habit. It's just so easy to slide along in the rut without thinking.

    Hooray for breaking free! When your brand new book gets published, I think you should add the ladies room renovation to your acknowledgments. ;)

  2. Two flights of stairs every time I have to use the facilities is getting old fast. :)

    Totally agree with feeling in a rut. Sometimes it's like I'm stuck in a NBA season and I am the Clippers...

  3. Oh, the bravado! I am not sure I can watch.

    Congrats on the new WIP. I just did the same thing this weekend. I needed a change and wasn't sure what that was until I started in on the new manuscript.

    Good for you and try not to get lost!!

  4. Linda - I just might have to do that. To the 4th Floor East Bathroom for going under construction - thanks for everything!

    Jason - oh that is just sad! The Clippers!

    Corinne - here's to new WIPS

  5. I'm so excited about your new WIP. You seem so much happier with it, and it is awesome. Break free little bird. Fly. Fly down the stairs to the 3rd floor bathroom.