Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm of two brains

There's brain 1 - the work brain and there's brain 2 the writer brain.  Sadly the two rarely meet or play nice.  Usually it's brain 1 taking brain 2 in a half nelson, whirling around and then sending brain 2 into the stands where it lays there feebly whimpering.

Work brain is the analytical/logical/non-creative brain.  It's much more interested in coding and unit testing and coding some more and for fun it loves to kick back and relax with some analysis.  JOY.

The problem is work brain is really selfish and takes over to the point where writer brain -- well yeah feebly lying in the stands whimpering.  Which doesn't help when my WIP is historical fiction so I'm doing research which work brain dearly loves.

The one thing I've tried to do is to give myself some weekend writing time, but even then sometimes work brain has pummeled writer brain so much that all it can muster is a weak...yeah I WANT to do this but..ya know the compound fractures and the contusions make it kind of hard to help you out today kiddo.  Sorry.

So here's my question to those of you who read this blog.  How do you cope with two brains?  Especially when one brain tends to bully the other one into giving over its lunch money, milk money, mutual funds and trust funds?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Greenie Goodness

  As most of you know I have two dogs.

This is Bear 

And this is Boo

They're 6 year old Lhasa Apsos.  I love to see them happy but there are times... where they look more like:

They both have allergies especially food allergies.  They both eat a prescription dog food and we have to be pretty careful on what they eat.  Special treats

Now there are times when they need allergy pills and oh boy what a joy THAT is.  We've tried everything.  Hiding it in a bit of wet dog food usually resulted in a very soggy pill resting either in their food dish or on the floor.  Trying to force it no that did not work either.

And then one day I saw that GREENIES had made pill pockets!  Ok, for those not quite sure what I'm talking about.  It's simple and it's fantastic.   Insert pill into pill pocket, squeeze the opening shut and feed to fido.  Great idea, right?  Only they came in Beef and Chicken flavors - neither of which would work for the dogs.

Then, a while back Greenies twittered about their new allergy formula pill pockets and wanted to know if there were anyone folks in the twitterverse with dogs that had food allergies.  YES!  I cried...ok tweeted.  And they were nice enough to send me a sample!

It took a little while, but I finally was able to use the sample pockets.  NICE!  Very nice.  The pocket is nice and soft.  The opening is wide enough for you to drop the pill in without much problem and they seal up nicely.  Basically when you're done putting the pill in and sealing it up you have what looks like a little round meat ball.  

I had the dogs sit and gave them their "treat" and pun intended.. wolfed them down without leaving me a present of a soggy pill.

Now I will say Boo did have a bit of an upset tummy after taking his pills in the pocket for a couple days, but I honestly think it was more the pill then the pocket.  Bear had no issues what so ever, and this is the dog that gets ear infections if he so much looks at a chicken or a slice of beef.

So - bottom line  - I really did like these.  I liked how the dogs loved them and really seemed to like the taste, I like NOT having to worry about spat out pills.. and then the joy of trying to figure out who did the spitting out.  

Will I buy them? Yes.  I'm all for an easy and dare I say tasteful way of giving my dogs pills, when they need them.