Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm of two brains

There's brain 1 - the work brain and there's brain 2 the writer brain.  Sadly the two rarely meet or play nice.  Usually it's brain 1 taking brain 2 in a half nelson, whirling around and then sending brain 2 into the stands where it lays there feebly whimpering.

Work brain is the analytical/logical/non-creative brain.  It's much more interested in coding and unit testing and coding some more and for fun it loves to kick back and relax with some analysis.  JOY.

The problem is work brain is really selfish and takes over to the point where writer brain -- well yeah feebly lying in the stands whimpering.  Which doesn't help when my WIP is historical fiction so I'm doing research which work brain dearly loves.

The one thing I've tried to do is to give myself some weekend writing time, but even then sometimes work brain has pummeled writer brain so much that all it can muster is a weak...yeah I WANT to do this but..ya know the compound fractures and the contusions make it kind of hard to help you out today kiddo.  Sorry.

So here's my question to those of you who read this blog.  How do you cope with two brains?  Especially when one brain tends to bully the other one into giving over its lunch money, milk money, mutual funds and trust funds?

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  1. I'm so totally jealous. If you add up my work brain and my writer brain, it doesn't even add up to a half of a brain. But I know what you mean. I've been so unable to write since I switched jobs at work. I'm still trying though. Maybe soon the Muse will break free.

    But research is good, right? :)