Thursday, November 19, 2009

Of pedal powered truffles and such

Friday I won a contest.  I actually won a contest!  I tweeted to the twitter feed of wingnut truffles and I won a sample delivered to me by the very cool  pedal power people.  I was a tad bit out of their delivery area (curse my office for being downtown-ish...emphasis on the ish) but Adam was nice enough to deliver to me anyway and I got my sample of wingnut truffles.  Oh my oh my oh my oh my.  I was in chocolate foodie nirvana.  I tried the thai chili one first, don't be afraid by the sound, the dark chocolate and that kick of spice were out of this world.  All of them, everyone were out of this world great.

Ok so here I am waxing poetic about truffles, yeah ok right big deal right?  Wrong.  Ok hot shot why?  Why?  Because not only were these bite sized morsals of goodly goodness they were also vegan.  That's right, vegan.  I for one have always looked at vegan food as well....vegan food.  Sorry, I want my milk from a cow not a soy bean, cheese ...don't get me started on cheese... so yeah I'm not the type a vegan type of person.  The old cattle rancher Texan ancestry runs a tad deep.

I may have to change my tune now when it comes to truffles.  Honestly these rival and maybe even beat other truffles I've had. 

Now onto the delivery of my amazing truffles.  Portland Pedal Power - these guys are amazing.  Talk about green delivery!  They also hit the carts in Portland and will deliver to your office, or if you're in need of truffles they'll do that too.  Listen, do yourself a favor check out their website and if you're in or near their delivery area do yourself a favor and have them grab you some lunch, or breakfast or what not.  You'll be glad you did.

Here are the websites:
Wingnut Sweets
Portland Pedal Power

Try them you'll like them!


  1. the vegan truffles were good? I'm like you - vegan chocolate things scare the heck out of me. Maybe I'll let my guard down now...maybe.

  2. They were excellent! I was a bit gun shy at first, but when I bit into it...oo la la. Very strong chocolate flavors but not over powering, and then the flavoring coconut milk, keffir lime, ginger and that hit of chili at the end...outstanding. All of them were great but I really LOVED the thai chili one

  3. I don't know. I really like my steak truffles and my bean and cheese truffles. I might be able to give up the chicken truffles, though, in a pinch.